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Shipping timeframes

The Golf In Shop currently offers shipping only within the Ontario and Quebec province. Because of the prohibitive costs of shipping frames internationally, we are currently researching cost-efficient options that will allow Golf In merchandise to be sent worldwide. That means for now, only canadians customers with a valid Ontario or Quebec address can create an account to purchase items at the Golf In Shop.

All parts are shipped from Saint-Georges, QC via Purolator. Shipping costs are based on weight and delivery location. The shipping charges are pre established based on weight.

If you are placing an order with a specific deadline, we recommend giving yourself a 7-10 business days buffer in case of any unforeseen circumstances, such as shipping damage or delays due to inclement weather.

*Please note: From October 1st through December 31st please allow for an extra 2-3 business days of processing time (13 business days total) due to the high volume of orders during this season. Thank you for your understanding.