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About Golf In

Managed by Mr. Carl Fortin, a professional golfer, and his father, the Golf In company started in 2005. Mr. Fortin already had this vision in the mid-90's, when he developed his first golf simulator prototype. The mission of Golf In is to offer a high-end product through precision, aesthetics, service and manufacturing quality. After many trials, hitting balls hundreds of times and making adjustments as required, the product was finally ready to market. With the creation of a family owned business in 2005, the sale of golf simulators was ready to take off. The product was tested, modified, improved and designed to meet the needs of residential and commercial customers alike. In 2011, the company takes off and due to a growing demand, Golf In moves to a 5 750 sq. ft. location with a workshop, showroom, offices and a research and development department. With so much more space, enhanced manufacturing and testing logistics proved beneficial to the company. In 2012, at the request of a French investor, Golf In starts exporting its products. Golf In products are now available in France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Netherlands and Belgium. Golf In is regularly in search of new distribution partners to offer its products around the world. In 2014, Golf In added a salesperson for Ontario to deal with the growing demand in that province.To date several commercial, independent or franchised establishments operate our simulators across Quebec, including Dooly's sports bars. In addition for 2015, Golf In will offer its golf simulation experience to even more people. In fact, the fall of 2015 have seen the arrival of "Zone Golf In". These centres are establishments wishing to commercially operate golf simulators in Quebec or Ontario. Next, the concept will spread to other areas. This concept involves operating golf simulators within various businesses. It can be a golf club, a bowling or billiards establishment, a sports bar or a mega centre that also includes golf simulators. Prices, promotions, leagues and tournaments associated with the use of simulators will be managed by Golf In. Whether it's at home or in a facility operating our simulators, your experience with Golf In will surely be a success!